Publications on Enthusiasm

Counterfeit Revival : Unmasking the Truth Behind the World Wide Counterfeit Revival
by Hank Hanegraaff. Hardcover (April 1997)

Elations : The Poetics of Enthusiasm in Eighteenth-Century Britain
by Shaun Irlam. Hardcover (November 1999)

by Chidvilasananda, et al. Paperback

Enthusiasm : A Chapter in the History of Religion : With Special Reference to the XVII and XVIII Centuries
by Ronald A. Knox. Paperback (August 1995)

Enthusiasm and Divine Madness : On the Platonic Dialogue Phaedrus
by Josef Pieper, et al. Paperback (March 2000)

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
by Norman Vincent Peale. Paperback (September 1996)

Fired with Enthusiasm
by Tom Lonergan. Paperback (March 1998)

Great Days: 50 Ways to Add Energy, Enthusiasm, & Enjoyment to Your Life
by Julie Alexander. Paperback

Jumpstart : The 21 Day Plan to Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Increase Your Energy and Enthusiasm for Life
by Denise Austin. Paperback (January 1998)

Mania and Literary Style : The Rhetoric of Enthusiasm from the Ranters to Christopher Smart (Cambridge Studies in Eighteenth-Century English literatur
by Clement Hawes. Hardcover (April 1996)

Norman Vincent Peale : An Inspiring Collection of Three Complete Books: Have a Great Day, Positiv E Imaging, Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm
by Norman Vincent Peale. Hardcover (November 1997)

Norman Vincent Peale's Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm
by Norman Vincent Peale. Paperback (August 1996)

Origins of the Shakers : From the Old World to the New World
by Clarke Garrett. Paperback (April 1998)

Overcoming Job Burnout : How to Renew Enthusiasm for Work
by Beverly, Dr. Potter, et al. Paperback (February 1998)

American Genesis: A Century of Invention and Technological Enthusiasm, 1870-1970
by Thomas P. Hughes. Paperback (August 1998)

Be Filled With Enthusiasm and Sing God's Glory : A Book of Contemplations
by Jane Ferrar. Paperback

Be Organized and Feel Enthusiasm Subliminal Program, Guitar
by Jonathan Parker.

'Be Sober and Reasonable' : The Critique of Enthusiasm in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, vol
by Michael Heyd. Hardcover (June 1995)

Cult of Enthusiasm in French Romanticism (Catholic University of America. Studies in Romance Languages and Literatures, No 37)
by M. Ursula Clark. Hardcover (June 1950)

Develop Enthusiasm Subliminal Persuasion Self Hypnosis Audio/Cassette
Hardcover (October 1985)

Enthusiasm and Enlightenment in Europe, 1650-1850
by Lawrence E. Klein(Editor), Anthony J. LA Vopa (Editor). Paperback (October 1998)

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
Paperback (November 1991)

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference
by Norman Vincent Peale. Mass Market Paperback (November 1987)

Enthusiasmus Triumphatus (1662 Augustan Reprint Society, No 118)
by Henry More. Paperback (April 1995)

The Enthusiastical Concerns of Dr. Henry More : Religious Meaning and the Psychology of Delusion (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, Vol 71)
by Daniel Clifford Fouke. Hardcover (January 1997)

High Energy / Enthusiasm
Audio Cassette (June 1984)

Igniting Enthusiasm and Motivation : Easy Listening
by Hemisphonics. Audio Cassette (August 1992)

Igniting Enthusiasm and Motivation : Tropical Ocean
by Hemisphonics. Audio Cassette (August 1992)

In a Moment of Enthusiasm : Political Power and the Second Stratum in Egypt
by Leonard Binder. Hardcover (August 1978)

Jumpstart; The 21-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Increase Your Energy and Enthusiasm for Life
by Denise Austin. Hardcover (January 1996)

Norman Vincent Peale's Treasury of Joy and Enthusiasm
Paperback (December 1993)

Puritan Rhetoric : The Issue of Emotion in Religion (Landmarks in Rhetoric & Public Address)
by Eugene Edmond White. Hardcover (June 1972)

Reconciling Heaven and Earth : The Transcendental Enthusiasm and Growth of an Urban Protestant Community, Bogota, Colombia (Studies in the Intercultu)
by Karl-Wilhelm Westmeier. Paperback (July 1986)

Rekindling the Thrill: The Magic of Enthusiasm
by Lazaris. Audio Cassette

Religious Enthusiasm in the New World : Heresy to Revolution
by David S. Lovejoy. Hardcover (April 1985)

Short and Sweet: Quick Creative Writing Activities that Encourage Imagination, Humor and Enthusiasm About Writing
by Randy Larson. Paperback

A Study of Religious Fanaticism and Responses to It : Adversary Identity (Studies in Religion and Society, Vol 26)
by Hal W. French. Hardcover (October 1990)

Vital Enthusiasm
by James Melton. Paperback (November 1983)

Without Sympathy or Enthusiasm
Paperback (June 1975)

The Burned-Over District : The Social and Intellectual History of Enthusiastic Religion in Western New York, 1800-1850
by Whitney R. Cross.

Counterfeit Revival
by Hank Hanegraaff.

Creating Energy and Enthusiasm (Audio Cassette)
by Shad Helmstetter.

Dangerous Enthusiasm

Dangerous Enthusiasm : William Blake and the Culture Radicalism in the 1790s
by Jon Mee.

Der Kampf um den Heiligen Geist : Luther und die Schwčarmer
by Alois M. Haas.

Develop Enthusiasm/Cassette

Die Macht der Begeisterung : Fanatismus und Enthusiasmus in tiefenpsychologischer Sicht
by Lambert Bolterauer.

Driving Ambitions : An Analysis of the American Hot Rod Enthusiasm (International Studies in the History of Sport)
by H.F. Moorhouse.

Enthusiasm in English poetry of the eighteenth century (1700-1774)
by Kevin Whelan.

Enthusiasm in the Spirit
by Robert A. Wild.

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