In Hydra magnipapillata the activator of protein kinase C diC8 causes multiple head formation along the body axis only when accompanied by feeding, but heavy feeding alone is sufficient to cause multiple head formation


ABSTRACT In Hydra magnipapillata additional head structures can be induced to form by daily feeding accompanied by a daily treatment with diC8, an activator of protein kinase C. Based on these results, it was proposed that the PKC- pathway plays a central role in head formation in hydra. The results described here show that ectopic structures, as well as the ectopic localization of nerve cells can be induced by heavy feeding alone. Furthermore, diC8 treatment does not induce ectopic head structures in starved animals. DiC8 reduces the rate of budding, leading to an unusual lengthening of the body column in reasonably fed animals.

KEY WORDS: coelenterate, hydra, pattern formation, PKC, diacylglycerol

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